Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Um, in my research....

So in my research of my last post I got the hardest hard on ever by a movie poster ever.

They are making this...

OMGZ i feel like the biggest fanboi ever which is very sad but true.

Coraline and other things

I'm gonna try and make this short and sweet, because I think if i say to much I'll give away too much of the plot.... Oh Fuck It! Like we all can't see where the movie fucking ends. She saves the day and everything is happy, glamors, and Unicorns. Hooray!

Now on to the actual good bits about the movie. For you Nitwits who don't know, Coraline is a movie about a little girl who take an acid trip down the cobbled stone streets of Neil Gaiman's Imagination. Now I'm not gonna talk about the Story anymore since all you have to do is see the trailer and you pretty much watched the movie in it's entirety, besides when I see a movie like this and specifically a movie just like this one I'm never in it for the story cause it's usually predictable and simple. I watch movies like this for the large amount of imagery that a movie like this holds. Moving on.

This movie was presented in "Real-D/Disney 3-D/Imageworks3D", or whatever anyone wants to coin it as. Anyways it's a Digital version of the red and green 3-d that still has you wearing strange glasses that tell you to never look into the Sun with them on for fear that the Sun shoots a big yellow arrow through the glasses and into your frontal lobe causing your head to fry like a potato crisp and eventually explode bursting forth grand amounts of brain confetti. Hooray!!!!

Anyways I saw what I believe was one of the earliest movies to be presented like this, Monster House, which was good but you could tell it was a fairly new technical approach to the film. When I saw Monster House I was surprised to find that I was going to see it in 3-d which I thought was quite the treat at the time. I was thinking that this was a one shot deal and was gonna be the only movie I would probably see like this for a long time... I was dead wrong. A good handful of movies have been made in 3-D lately. Most of those movies have been computer generated animation features though, which is slightly depressing cause most CG movies are kids films.

I guess a exception is Beowulf and..... OK well, I actually don't know any other movies done in this way that aren't aimed towards the younger tikes so it seems that this new 3-D is really just aimed at the younger crowd, which is depressing, again, because most of the people in the audiences for these movies are slightly older or at least as old as me. It just makes no sense, yes the movies I think benefit from the 3-Dness of it just like a real painting benefits from texture of the paints compared to the print of said painting without the texture. But, until animators and creators start doing something interesting with this newly rediscovered medium I think it will start to lose face with the crowd of older people that can really enjoy the 3-Dness of it, cause you know if theirs young kids in the audience they most likely don't care whether or not it's in 3-D or inbetween a Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich.

Oh Fuck right! Um...about Coraline, that movie I saw. If you really like how predictable some of Niel Gaiman's work is becoming and wonder what he actually writes go right on ahead and see this especially if you've read the book and have the groin exploding urge to judge every movie based on the book that preceded it. If your really into the imagery of the movie and think that the story generally doesn't matter in movies like such as this it might be a good movie, just depend on whether or not you care about my judgment.

PS. right sorry about the lateness of this I've been sick the past couple of days and the like. Just kinda been mopey because of the no job condition I have. Man... fuck this economy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boring life at is Boring

It's been a while again since I've posted anything, and I think that mostly has to do with the fact that I'm really not doing much with my life currently. Not because I don't want to, but because I don't have any money to do any exciting shit that I consider Blog worthy. Anyways I have been doing somethings, like I now have printed t-shirts for sale on redbubble. My redbubble profile is right here. The t-shirts are under clothing to the right. I also have made a painting of my brother for my brother at his request as something for his blog that he has said he's thinking of redesigning. This is what I made him here. It's done from a photo of him since I'm not that great of an artist yet to make shit up yet.

Over the weekend I finished watching "Gurren Lagann" which is animated by Gainax. It starts out as a typical Sh┼Źnen Mecha Anime where there's a typical Boy, who's timid and shy and generally keeps out of danger. Then there's the super upbeat dude who tries to get the timid boy to act like a hero because he believes in him and thinks he has the "power" to change the world.

To tell the truth this is the shit I hate in anime. I hate it when the character never believes in himself or what not and always pulls it out in the end. It's simply annoying because it happens over and over again all the way to the end of the series. Every episode begins with the main character pouting about some stupid crap, and they get in a battle and finally at about the 27 minute mark of the show (with commercials) He finally gets it and defeats the bad dude. Only to forget it all in one weeks time in the next episode. Anyways Gurren Lagann doesn't do that! It happens for about the first five to seven episodes, but that's fine by me because there just setting up some awesome growth for the characters in the show. So the really Awesome parts of the show are the last eleven episodes of the show because all of the characters have to deal with the crap that happened in the first half of the show. It actually explains what the fuck is up with everything in the show and how it applies to shit. Case in point: Watch the whole 48 or so episodes of Eureka Seven and you'll want to kill the main character for being a fucktard.

From Cacogenics INC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I realized it's a bit late to be posting about this but... I Just finished reading Concerned (<--- you'll find the first comic there.) again. It's a pretty good comic about a man named Gordon Frohman, who's mistaken as Gordon Freeman, in the Half-Life universe. The writer used Garry's Mod to create the pics for the comic, and it uses all the models from said game. It's particularly funny when it satirizes the technological shortcomings of Half-Life 2. An example of such can be found here. I suggest it to anyone who's played Half-Life 2 and has loved it or hated it just as long as you played it.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Flow of Thought

So as I was saying I was alone all day at home and it's a strange thing to be alone that long since the holidays. It's weird when I'm alone. I think most people take being alone for granted. I think being alone is great. I really do. Being alone is great here's why. You don't have to worry about people hassling you for things. Like for instance, sometimes I'm in the "zone" doing some art, or what have you, and I usually get bothered by someone asking for information, favors, or for me to do things, or more commonly all of the above. Once this happens I'm forced to break Flow, which is very annoying. Breaking my flow forces me to think of something else and makes it hard to get back to what I was doing in the first place. I guess there's ways to train your self how to flow easier especially if you were just in flow.

Flow is a wonderful thing and I only seem to get to that state of being when I'm left alone. I get things done. At least I get the shit I want done. I very happy like that I feel like I can do anything I want, and our mother and fathers were right we can be astronauts if we want or presidents of nations.

The hardest thing about Flow is to have more than one person at a time in flow in a work environment. It's a rarity to have me and some friends in a state of flow while working on something such as Comics or the formation of a business, which me and two others have utterly failed in doing correctly. But at least we never got so far as to truly fuck us over financially or as friends. although there had been some heated debate between us in times.

Anyways flow is awesome and makes my life pretty damn cool I think. I just need to learn how to control my flow better.

PS. as I've been typing this I have been watching "Aim for the Top 2: DieBuster" which is the sequel to "Aim for the Top: GunBuster". Both of them are superb anime, but the great thing is how the first one actually applies time dilation to the story line. It occurs multiple times throughout the show. on your journey through the show the main characters meet multiple people in different stages of their lives while only six months have passed by in there reality. I highly recommend it to people. Be sure to watch Gunbuster before Diebuster so you understand some of the background. you should also watch FLCL to truly understand some of the jokes in Diebuster.

A long time Magoo

So I've been home alone all day. It's pretty interesting to be alone for so long after the Holidays... son of a bitch this will have to wait.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm felling particularity positive. Oh my!

Saw a really cool band tonight. got some video and a couple pics. It was definitly worth it to be there. The band was called The Tunnel Kings. I know about them from a friend of mine who is part of the band. She also was the starting act too. She was Superb I thought. Anyways It was good here's some pics and shit, and a video.

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From Cacogenics INC.

From Cacogenics INC.

From Cacogenics INC.

From Cacogenics INC.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So here's the post I was gonna put up Tuesday night but realized that it was three in the morning on Wednesday and said fuck it and went to bed.

It's been quite the day, I would say. I woke up at 11:30 am today. I came home last night at 4:00 in the morning, because I was up in Portland at a work X-Mas Party for a girl I'm sorta kinda dating. I don't think it's gonna work out though. Anyways she works at The Men's Warehouse as a assistant manager. I had to meet her at the store at 5:30, to leave by charter bus by 6:00, originally, but since we in the valley have gotten some snow and ice, she called me at 2:00 and told me that we needed to leave at 4:00 which means that I had to meet her at 3:30. "OK" I said as I was thinking about how I just lost 2 hours out of my day to go sobsterbate in a puddle of my own tears and eat microwave burritos.

So I get my shit together and I dress pretty slick, I think, with a nice dress shirt and pants and a brand new belt. Do the hair, brush the teeth, wear the bright red chucks to represent my fellow brethren. I'm get there with a little bit of time to spare and figure I'd enter the store to see my date who is getting ready on the inside with some other folks.

I walk in and what do I see... About ten Males all wearing luxurious Tuxedos and Top hats complete with coat tails and cummerbunds and a couple of them have walking canes to boot. I immediately feel underdressed for what i thought was going to be a retarded Christmas Party at some lame ass hotel. Don't get me wrong, it was still a really dumb cliche' party at a hotel, but the hotel was one of those historic hotels, this one was the Governor Hotel in Portland, which wasn't so bad. So after seeing everybody and feeling a little bereft for myself, I said "screw feeling like a ninny, shit ain't gonna change for a while. It's time to introduce myself".

Once the charter bus came for us we all strapped in for a THREE FUCKING HOUR BUS RIDE to a place that takes an hour to get to. All this snow and ice causes everyone to drive like a retard grandma, which is safe, I guess. So everyone has there drink of choice in metal flask for some reason. I guess I didn't get the memo that this was the "drink everything out of a flask" party. After picking up two other stores worth of people on are way to Portland we arrived. My date was a little smashed to my dismay and her friends to were at an equal level of "crunkness".

We get up to the "party" and the air is filled with the smell of what could be good food and the sound of smooth Yhazz. Well the food was superb I thought, but once dinner was through the fucking asshole of a DJ started playing "real" music. See here's the thing with everyone of these Christmas parties; They Suck. They always have a dumbass as the DJ. Usually he plays all of these crappy standard "party songs" while his BASS IS TO FUCKING HIGH that it's impossible to speak to anyone that's more than an inch away from you. All the while he was turning down the music and handing the mic to random people to fill in the gap of noise with there drunken not-ability to sing. Then after he was satisfied that they had no singing ability he would turn the sound immediately back to ear drum explosion time.

Ok let me talk about the fucking music choices that DJ of his retard caliber. All they do is play the songs that are played at every freaking party they go to. They have two "sets" of music; The wedding set, and the Christmas party set. Oh and if they do this sorta thing they also have the High School dance set i guess. The thing is that everyone of these sets sounds exactly the same. it's just the same music in different orders, except for the High School dance set which is probally populated by newer shittier music that the tykes to listen to. There's songs like R.e.s.p.e.c.t and music by Wang Chung. Sometimes they'll play a good song and assfuck it with some really gay stock BASS IS FUCKING LOUD line that they put in the LOUD FUCKING BACKGROUND of the song.

It's really disheartening that there's just no talent to what they do. Anyone can add a really annoying bassline to a song or yell into a mic and tell someone to scream. "I'll scream!" came from the crowd when i heard the "DJ" say that on the mic. I, for one time that I agree to go to a party of some type, wanna see a DJ with some MAD SKILLZ one who actually plays good music at least. If possible I would love to see a DJ put on some of their own shit so we could experience their sound, not the sound of every other damn Wedding/Rave/dance/party song out there.

Anyways I digress. The night wasn't so bad in the long run. It was a complete waste of my time in the long run, but I met some interesting people and found out some things about how I hate extracurricular social work functions.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

May I please go to the bathroom Ms. Haberknackle

I'm negative. Here's why, because. I don't know, or even care to explain, why. I guess if I was in one of those hypothetical "gun to your head" situation where I had to explain why, I would, but I'm not and most likely will never be. So no; I deny everyone the chance to know. Although I will say this I use the negativity to actually look at things in a positive light. See if life was like a painted picture some peoples picture would be very bright and washed out looking. Everything would look almost devoid of detail. All the good bits are be lost in the brightness. By painting a darker picture you cause the truly bright parts of life to jump out and be focal points to your life. So in really ridiculous terms for Good and Bad ; The shadow brings out the details that the light drowns out. I'm Negative, deal with it.